The ECO-Touch IAQ is the first touchscreen multi-function controller with a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) sensor that allows your Fresh Air Appliance to operate around your home’s needs.

• Recognizes presence of cleaning solvents, cooking odors or CO2 during large family gatherings

• Increases appliance’s airflow capacity based on the total VOC level

• Helps the appliance replaces contaminated air with fresh air

• Can be customized based on user preferences

The controller is designed to operate the appliance in various modes based on user preferences.

Watch the Leaf

When the indoor air quality is at its best, you are rewarded with 3 leaves. Watch the leaves icon: it will help you establish your homes ventilation requirements and lend a helping hand on improving your IAQ score.

ECO Mode

Automatic operation of your Fresh Air Appliance is enabled via ECO Mode. It optimizes the performance of the appliance based on the indoor air quality, indoor relative humidity (RH) and outdoor conditions. Customize the ECO mode to meet homeowner’s individual needs. The controller will allow the appliance to increase airflow capacity automatically based on the total VOC level

Manual Mode

Choose you ventilation operating mode (Ventilation / Recirculation / System Off), desired airflow (Low / Medium / Normal) and cycles per hour (20 min / 40 min / Continuous operation) to allow the appliance run on your demand.


The ECO-Touch IAQ is compatible with all Fantech Fresh Air Appliances, equipped with a 5-pin connector on the control board and manufactured after January 2019 with the exception of SE704N, SH704 and VH704 models. Contact Customer Support to check compatibility of appliances manufactured before 2019 and the Eco-Touch IAQ.

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