• Demrad Atron H 24 turbine gas boiler

ATRON H 24 - improved modification of the discontinued

boiler Demrad HKD 124: performance class - 3 stars; LCD Display;

double heat exchanger system; complete insulation of the combustion chamber,

burner, heat exchanger, expansion tank, fan, which

provides extremely silent work; Efficiency 93%; soft touch buttons;

digital and analog pressure gauges.

Boiler characteristics:

Manufacturer: Turkey

Brand: Demrad

Boiler power: 24 kW

Boiler type: Gas

Installation method: Mounted

Traction type: Forced (Turbocharged)

Number of circuits: Double circuit (heating and hot water)

Heat exchanger: Separate

Fuel type: Natural gas

Power supply: 220 V

Warranty: 5 Years

Performance class 3 stars: According to 92/42 / EEC

streamlined high performance in minimum and maximum

works, is in the performance class of 3 stars.

LCD Display:

Thanks to the LCD display, you can monitor the indicators of the hot

water and apparatus, indicators of water pressure in the apparatus and even codes

errors that instantly give a warning.

Double heat exchanger system:

The double heat exchanger system provides maximum comfort

hot water. Combi Atron, thanks to this feature, instantly and on

the desired temperature is sensitively heated by the water.

Complete isolation:

Such components of the Atron boiler such as combustion chamber, burner,

heat exchanger, expansion tank, fan being completely

isolated, work extremely silently.

New Generation Transitional Heat Exchanger System 7:

With an increased heating surface, the new generation transient heat exchanger system 7 provides high efficiency.

93% performance:

Atron boilers operate economically with% 93 output. As a result of economical operation, natural gas consumption is low.

Soft touch button:

The buttons, which use soft touch technology, are both ergonomic and stylish.

Digital and analog pressure gauge:

The water pressure in the Atron boiler can be monitored on the LCD screen. V

separately, you can read the values ​​on a similar pressure gauge,

located under the Atron boiler.

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Demrad Atron H 24 turbine gas boiler

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