• Bosch Gaz 3000 W ZW 24-2KE chimney gas boiler

BOSCH Gaz 3000 W ZW 24-2 KE is a wall-mounted chimney gas boiler that fully satisfies the need for a large amount of hot water and economical heating. BOSCH Gaz 3000 W boilers are available in versions of different power, and can be used with other equipment, which provides a wide range of operation options. The compact design of the boiler combines the technology of economical heating and hot water preparation with an intelligent control system. You have almost unlimited benefits to meet your hot water and heating needs. The boiler is easy to install due to its compact size and low weight. Gas boiler BOSCH Gaz 3000 W ZW 24-2 KE is very convenient in operation, which provides an ergonomic interface with an LCD display, which displays all the necessary information, including temperature and error codes. The safety of the device is controlled by ionization flame control, temperature limiter, pressure switch.


The degree of protection of the equipment is IPX4D.

Primary monothermal heat exchanger.

Plate heat exchanger for DHW preparation.

Atmospheric gas burner made of stainless steel with the possibility of converting to work with liquefied gas.

Diaphragm expansion tank of the heating circuit with a volume of: o 6 liters for ZW 24-2 KE, ZW 24-2 AE; o 10 liters for ZW 28-2 KE, ZW 30-2 AE.

Built-in circulation pump of the heating circuit with an integrated deaerator: o three-speed for ZW 24-2 KE, ZW 24-2 AE; o two-speed for ZW 28-2 KE, ZW 30-2 AE.

Hydraulic block, consisting of 3-way mixing valve with electric line, blast valve (3.0 bar), heating circuit bypass, system fill / drain valve.

Modulated gas valve.

New thermostats and special programs for every day of the week and every hour of the day enable the boiler to adapt to your personal needs and reduce costs.

Control panel consisting of:

power buttons;

restart buttons;

heating circuit temperature regulator;

DHW temperature regulator;

pressure gauge;

multifunctional LCD display with indication of temperature, burner status, boiler operating modes and error codes;

fault indicator.

Automation functions:

Electronic ignition.

Power modulation in heating and DHW heating mode.


Boiler frost protection system.

Boiler pump blockage protection system.

System for removing thermal inertia from the heat exchanger.

Boiler safety system integrated into the control board.

The system of the last ventilation cycle of the combustion chamber (for boilers with a closed combustion chamber).

Possibility of connecting external control devices - weather-compensated regulator, room thermostat or programmer.

Working parameters:

Power supply: voltage 230V, frequency 50Hz.

Heating circuit operating pressure: minimum 0.2 bar, maximum 3.0 bar.

DHW operating pressure: minimum 0.35 bar, maximum 10.0 bar.

Heating circuit temperature: minimum 45ºC, maximum 88ºC.

DHW preparation temperature: minimum 40ºC, maximum 60ºC.

Packing and equipment:

Boilers are delivered fully assembled in a sturdy cardboard box.

Inside the package you will find: technical documentation and a set of delivery (mounting rail, connecting strip, a set of fasteners, a set of gaskets, as well as a set of throttle washers for boilers with a closed combustion chamber).


Efficiency,% 89.2

Power 22.3 kW

Heating area 223 m2

Hot water quantity 10 l / min

Gas working pressure 10 mbar

Power regulation 8.00 - 22.30

Gas consumption 0.93-2.6 m3 / h

Heating circuit temperature, C 45-88

Heating type heating + DHW

DHW circuit temperature, C 40-60

Power supply, V 230V, 50Hz

Protection systems Degree of protection of equipment IPX4D

Dimensions height x width x depth, mm 700 x 400 x 298

Weight, kg 28.00

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Bosch Gaz 3000 W ZW 24-2KE chimney gas boiler

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